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Municipal/Taxable Blend:
Tax Sensitive

Municipal/Taxable Blend

Our blended bond strategy is intended to outperform the respective benchmark in a consistent, lower risk manner. To achieve this objective we limit our dependence on the forecasting of interest rates. Instead, we seek to control the risk-return profile of the portfolio relative to the appropriate customized municipal/taxable benchmark. Our active strategy consists of sector allocation, yield curve posture and security selection. Municipal/taxable sector allocation is determined based on client information related to tax and income objectives.  Gains tax implications are included in our relative value analysis when we evaluate investment alternatives. Loss harvesting transactions are an integral part of our investment  process. This strategy, coupled with our disciplined value added approach, allows us to monitor and analyze a wide range of market data and identify relative value across sectors, the yield curve and individual securities. Our proprietary, independent research team provides a fundamental, credit momentum based approach to insure market relative value decisions are supported by fundamental value.

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